TimeTree Developer Guideline

TimeTree Developer Guideline (hereinafter referred to as “Guideline”) establishes the basic rules to use TimeTree API, TimeTree Plugin and TimeTree Connect (collectively “Platform Functions”) provided by TimeTree, Inc. (“Company”).


  1. “TimeTree” is referred to as TimeTree, the service operated by Company.
  2. “External Service” are referred to as websites or applications managed and operated by third parties other than Company.
  3. “User” is referred to as end-users who utilize TimeTree.
  4. “TimeTree API” is referred to as the Web API function to obtain or register etc. information from or to TimeTree.
  5. “TimeTree Plugin” is referred to as the function through which Users can register the information posted, published or distributed in External Service into the “Calendar” or “Keep” of Users’ own TimeTree as their schedules etc. by using the “Add Button”, “Keep Button” or other buttons provided by Company.
  6. “Developer” is referred to as External Service providers who use TimeTree API or TimeTree Plugin.
  1. Developers shall not use the Platform Functions unless they give consent to this Guideline.
  2. When Developers use the Platform Functions, it is deemed that they have agreed to this Guideline

Attribution of rights

All rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, patents, etc.) related to Platform Functions and TimeTree are attributable to Company. All rights related to information obtained through Platform Functions and information posted or emitted by User to TimeTree are attributable to such User and to the Company. Therefore, Developers shall not store or use such TimeTree data, shall not assign, sell or give permission of use such data to any third party.

Terms and conditions of use

  1. Company agrees that Developers may use the Platform Functions on the condition that they fully abide by the terms and conditions of use described in below. Company shall make a final decision regarding the following terms and conditions.
  2. Developers are required to register their information (including contact information) in order to use TimeTree API. Developers shall constantly keep the latest developer information registered. Company will send information to Developers based on their contact information registered and it is deemed that Developers agree with such information sent from Company.
  3. Developers shall not use the Platform Functions in External Services installed with such Platform Functions in the manner to mislead Users such as to use or install damaging the Platform Functions or TimeTree designs or its functions.
  4. Developers shall not include information unrelated to their own External Service or information forbidden by TimeTree AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) when they use Platform Functions.

Privacy and Information

Company may obtain the following information from the External Service which use Platform Functions.

  1. URL of the External Services, Users’ IP address, User agents and identifiers when Users visit such External Services which use our Platform Functions.
  2. Records of which Users try to post or emit etc. through the Platform Functions.

Company uses the above information in order to prevent malpractices which impede the proper service supply of the Platform Functions. Company also uses the above information in the purpose of improving the service. Company will process Users’ information including such information in accordance with TimeTree Privacy Policy are applicable when Company handles with Users’ personal information. In using the Platform Functions, Developers shall be responsible to take proper considerations or measures for Users which are required by the laws and the industry standard.

Alteration and suspension of the Platform Functions

Company may alter contents or suspend the provision of part or all of the Platform Functions at any moment when Company decides necessary without any previous notice. Company may also limit the number of API requests on its own discretion. Company shall not be responsible for any damage incurred to Developers by such alteration, suspension or limitation of provision of Platform Functions.

Responsibility of Developers

  1. In case that Company considers that any Developer uses the Platform Functions in violation of this Guideline, Company may take measures against such Developer which Company deems necessary and proper including the suspension of the Platform Functions. Provided that Company is not responsible to prevent or rectify such violations.
  2. In case that Company suffers any direct or indirect damage (including the legal cost for lawyers) caused by Developer’s use of the Platform Functions (including the claims from third parties as a result of such Developer’s use of the Platform Functions), Developers shall compensate such damage immediately when claimed by Company.

Non-Guarantee and Immunity

  1. Company does not explicit or implicitly guarantee that the Platform Functions have no de fact or legal defects (including security, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, suitability for specific purposes, defects related to security, errors, bugs and infringement of rights). Company is not obliged to provide the Platform Functions eliminating such defects.
  2. Developers shall be responsible for any damage caused by using the Platform Functions while Company is not responsible for it by any means.

Alteration of the Guideline

Company may alter the Guideline at any moment when Company considers necessary without any prior notice. The altered Guideline shall be effective since when it is posted in an appropriate place of the Company’s website. It is deemed that Developers have agreed to the altered Guideline in case that they continue to use the Platform Functions after such alteration.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

Japanese language prevails in case that there is any discrepancy between Japanese version and other language version of this Guideline and the Japanese laws are applicable. Any dispute between Developer and Company arising from or related to the TimeTree or Platform Functions shall be exclusively solved in Tokyo District Court as the 1st instance jurisdiction.

Altered on June 30th, 2020